How dangerous is the single woman?

*the following is a reply to the herd of women (mostly married with children) who came upon my 6 days-alone-in-the-forest retreat and asked me: “Aren’t you afraid?” I hear this question so often, when hitch hiking, travelling alone, or falling in love with a total stranger and living like there is no tomorrow…

Though most countries in the world do not recognize her authority
She has plenty.

To begin – let us assume she has once or more times taken the decision to act independently, against the majority opinion

and you might run into her as she is choosing (and paying for) her own education, managing her career, letting her wildness loose on the dancefloor or simply – buying a single ticket to the show.

Wherever she is, a captivated audience follows, wondering where she sleeps.

And rest assured she is reciprocally self conscious and will coyly answer those questions as she scans the landscape – not for prey as much as for safety.

As a wolfstress she knows to be both both huntress & hunted
for there are those who’d rather see her tied down, afraid for their own wild side.

Consider the danger of being alone – and liking it.
Cooking your favourite food without anyone judging it.
Deciding to go on a holiday and just – doing it.
And most of all having the freedom to fall in love with anyone, at any moment
and making use of it.

Yes, the single woman is in love all the time,
with the songs she hears,
the people she meets,
with her own fantasizing mind.

Beware! If she likes you and might just invite you into her nest,
pour some of that wildness into you, make your heart beat faster and then
– go her own way in the morning
What a disaster!

Just a glimpse of that forbidden freedom
the tingle of her laughter
or the flame in her fingertip
that ignites you..

Falling in love they call it – the curse- never has there been any plague worse
and worst of all she knows it

and the feelings between you rise into storming waves
in an open sea
as they navigate open waters of passion, repulse,
ecstacy & sorrow
and the rarely coinciding urges to hold tight, give in or let go…

As if two shipwrecks trying to save yourself or the other – The horror!

As long as the woman remains single – in her own autonomy
there will be no peace upon the ocean of liberty

“One day she will meet her match” – maybe
Surely there are days when she grows weary
of her own dangerous disposition.

It is easier somehow, to belong to someone.

But even that will not be the end of her wildness – we all know
what is born inside her & must exist
heaven forbid any one rid her of this FREEDOM

– so graceful, yet intoxicating
her gift to mankind
to manifest the wild woman archetype
she is cursed by the name of one who got away

so she will always remain
slightly aloof from the rest of the pack
innocently tempting us into sin

Oh, heaven guard us from
and grace us with
the single woman!

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