A Venutian Encounter

The Goddess called out

squeezing the liquid cosmos in his testicles.

First he brought her to gasps
of dizzying heights
and then penetrated her with All-Might

and the heavens’ stirred
the earth shook
and rain intensified its pour just to
cool down the concrete around
the bodies in heat

radiating flames of love
in all colours light & dark.

“I want to make love to you
in the desert, in the bus,
in the arctic, the sea, the streets
the bunker and the minefield…”

‘in the edge of our galaxy’
she added, in her stupor,

ready to travel the space/time

still moaning and alive
in the cells of this human vessel
given to the divine

and deeper he sunk into
her galactic center
sensations, sounds and feelings
all coming together

as they surfed the waves
awakened within the physical
but originating from some place
beyond the visible.

As the rain poured
the bodies rippled
and her prayer was for
these ecstatic waters
to touch every dweller of the earthly plane.

When they then sunk into the ocean
of bliss, bringing the motions in,
exploring the fired up brain full of godly chemicals
filtering all thought away

she saw a red planet, volcanic
Venus, the pulsating, fervent Goddess
in a constant state of arousal
– no end to her eruptions of orgasmic lava

and yet, she craved for a glass of cool, blue water

which our maiden gave her
handed through the hand of her lover,
the soothing Shiva
now resting in his own dream

and Venus cheerfully sparked up,
showing her spirit form:
bright, almost innocent looking
laughing at her own disguise
and now, radiating a deep wise love
the same bright flame
one sees in the hottest tip of a stellar fire.

In every orgasmic high
she said, one glimpses
that same erotic innocence
and to demonstrate, the etheric Venus sent
a pulse of this spark through
the solar system
– a peek into the peak
flushing gently through
mind & matter.

Thus she taught the girl
another lesson about love –

this energy with which to heal
all hurt, all abuse, all broken down violence
between the male and female

and the maiden quickly absorbed
& integrated this vibrational ray
the wise, bright flame of Venus
and she came back to reality
after bowing to the visionary goddess.


And he woke from his dream too
to exchange stories before the next take off,
this time with more ease,
more depth as already he had stayed
at the cave’s entrace, eager
to explore further, surprised
even by his own impulse to get
more and more intimate.

He called his ancestors to join
his lineage to make love to all
her lineage,
seeing the women writhe in pleasure
as she gave herself to all men
taking them in,
bathing them in the secret juices.

His sounds like the bull
her squirm like a snake
shifting between a panther
and a serpent
though this play was much larger
than its actors.

He paused to wonder the purpose
and mourn the dimmed down interest
to less multidimensional fleshy pleasures

and Shakti spoke through her:
‘Our personal selves cannot contain
nor comprehend this – but what we’ve done
here, today, will echo in our legacy’.

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