Who am I?

That is the question, isn’t it?

Please meditate to find your own answer before taking my word for it.

I am you.
I am us.

I am this eternal being chipped away from the One source into the multiversal existence in order to discover all the complexities of pathways back to Unity.

Currently, I am living through this spell of aliveness in a 30 year old female body.

This persona has the ability to write sentiments into poetic sentences. It has been her coping mechanism to find some way to understand and contain the human experience.

She has investigated the edges of comfort, freedom, love, metaphysics, psychedelics, sexuality, the unknown, being nowhere and everywhere, out-of-body-states as well as embodiment.

This body loves sunlight, swimming, stroking and being stroked, moving to complex sounds and rhythms, being dizzy with ecstacy, laughing, being excited and in love.

This whole being spends a lot of time resonating with life in expressive ways, being quiet, making food and writing down the thoughts that otherwise wouldn’t leave me alone.

The goal has always been to lead life with an open heart. To speak with the voice of the heart. To heal the collective sickness of fear-based living with a new radiant form of life IN LOVE with existence.

If you have genuine questions, feelings and beautiful, raw things to share,
or you wish to work with me
or wish to buy some poetry and donate some funds to keep my adventures going
or offer me a ride, a place to stay, some apples or ice cream
do write to me.

My home is my heart.