What I do

I am here to muse you...

If you are passionate about

soul evolution, embodied living
and using your creative power to design your life

please contact me for any of the following:

  • Skype sessions on relationships to your soul/mind/heart/body and others (45-60e)

  • Massage & Bodywork (specializing in opening blockages, activating the body as whole, deep relaxation, Sacred Spot* work) (60e-100e/h)

  • Dakini sessions – healing through sacred sexuality, working through karmic, energetic, physical and mental traumas, blockages, fears, desires (200e-500e)

  • Workshops on Temple Arts – Exposing the divinity in us, working with Archetypal energies through creative movement & arts, authentic relating and sensuality, in a community process

  • I am also interested in creative collaborations and facilitation – particularly visiting existing (eco)communities and holding courses on relating, embodiment and shadow integration with group process


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Contact via Skype: mademoisellemia
(please include an introduction note about you!)
Contact via email.

I can be found in Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and maybe Northern Europe, ask for availability!



I am passionate about
authentic interactions
and healing communities

and working to meet us all as
fully aware of heart, body and soul, our inner masculine and feminine energies and able to create our own realities

The work I do with sexuality is for healing the psyche, the body and the emotional system. Healthy sexuality is a key to life force! It is about being able to listen to our own body’s wisdom, being aware of our own needs and how to take care of them, communicating openly with our partner(s) and using orgasmic energy for the creative, loving expression of soul on this earth.




“I am deeply grateful that I had the luck to receive this fullfilling gift from you and I want to thank you again for that experience from the bottom of my heart.

Your touches have opened another level of energy in my body, it raises much easier and higher up the spine now – I imagine this is thanks to these visualisations you activated in my heart (keeper of the heart) and in the back of my head (wild animal), which helped me both to be better integrated in my body and my sexuality.”

(male client, 10 days after a Dakini session)

“You have been such an inspiration for me to shamelessly express my sensuality in ways that might be not as conventionally or commonly accepted by society.
It is brilliant how you make everything you do turn to dakini work, no matter how others have viewed those activities before.
Your instinct wide open when massaging and dancing, your intuition and awareness fully present in the room, I can sense the peacefulness of it, the delicious slowness as well that makes everything you do so incredibly powerful and filled with intention and attention.
You, with all you do and all you are, a fresh breeze of singular passion.”

(Clara Fi, a friend, client and collegue)

“Thanks again, that was a beautiful and dreamlike experience.”

(male client after a sensual massage session)

“Mia sees her life as a masseuse as a calling to touch people deeply and soothe them at their core. To her, accompanying women and men on their path to & within a vibrant and fulfilling sexuality, is a matter of the heart. 
[She has a] remarkable sensitivity and nearly magical softness in the massage. Her sessions are highly sensual yet clearly structured, [allowing] a space of trust emerge, inviting release and encouraging you to enjoy and revel in your blissful self.”

(my collegue and mentor Garden of Earthly Delights, Berlin)

“You know how to light a fire.”

(Mr. H, tantric massage client


If you want to write a statement, feel free,
and also please don’t hesitate to contact me about negative feedback!



On my Experience:

I was born a poet – one foot in this world and one on the invisible realm of unspoken essences. I sang and dictated poems and created my own alphabet before I learnt the common language.

I have spent 20+ years of my life in a path dedicated to Heart and Soul, embodiment and healing of the psyche and the shadow. Since exploring and making peace with my own panic attacks from the age of 8 to 13, and then dealing with seasonal depression and slow means of self destruction through my adolescense and later facing demons in relationships (and also the otherworldly kind!) – I am familiar with the dark side in us all and how to face it, express it and clear it. Here’s a poem I wrote about my personal Daemon.

I’ve studied Creative Arts and Dance/Movement therapy, Sacred Shamanic Sexuality and Temple Arts, Deep Ecology and Community (Group) Process.

I also have over 10 years of experience working  with psychedelic plant medicine in ceremonial, natural or isolated settings, please ask for advice or integration assistance.

The schools and organizations and amazing individuals I have and continue studying and cocreating with:
Rites of Passage, Ubud, Bali, with Mana & Lion
7th Ray Mystery School Highden, NZ, resurrected by Bruce Lyon,
ISTA International School of Temple Arts,
Codarts University of Arts (Dance/Movement therapy),
Integral Expressive Arts therapy and dance improvisation with Suzan Lemont
African Kemetic Yoga (with Ursula Macheke van Graan) at Luxor, Egypt
and Agama yoga Level 1 &2 with Manu and Monika at Dharamsala, India,
Sadhana Forest (permaculture design certificate and internship in Kenya),
Gaia Education (Ecovillage Design Education) at 7Linden, Germany – more here!
ASHO – Institute of Energy Healing, Dharamsala, India (Basics of Energy healing)

I’ve also studied with shamans from Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil and Romania

I have a BA Liberal Arts and Sciences (Psychology, Development studies, World Philosophy and Expressive Arts) University College Utrecht & Bogazici Universitesi, Istanbul
and currently working on a Master’s in the School of Life, the Universe and Everything. 😉



If you would like to work with me in the fields of…

  • poetry, dance, visual arts, soundscape, theatre or other creative arts

    I am open to give workshops catered to the audience
    I am also open to co-creations with other artists

    I have studied and worked with multimodal expressive arts and dance-movement therapy with varied groups and individuals.

  • love, sexuality, gender harmony, emotional release or sensual play

    I am open to have a conversation and to listen with full presence.
    I can help bring you into the body awareness to hear its truth.
    I accept you just as you are in your core and am able to witness that unfold.
    If I can offer guidance, hands-on touch or any helpful reference, I will do so.

  • establishing a conscious gardening, living, evolving nature temple

    I am interested in living in a communal space, mainly spending time in the outdoors.
    I can offer my cooking skills, my love for plants, my group process facilitation, my hugs, smiles and kisses, my meditation and movement practice and my wish is to be open to those who seek to grow and keep evolving in their lives, minds, hearts and bodies.


On the last bit of news, yes, I am writing a book about dialogues with the Earth’s voices.

And last, here is me describing my work with the Earth.