We are the Casualties



IF we are to do this dance
– since there’s no such thing as inevitable

if we CHOOSE to go there

the depths of our brokenness
our failures and dark successes

and hold each other
there, then

that’s what I am in for



This is relating 2.0

where my surrender
surrenders you too.

And I totally get it,
the plunge might be
too deep

cause too much risk

but I also know
that betting EVERYTHING on the Heart’s capacity to love

is all there is.


The depth is infinite

most space cadets dare to explore the soul-ar system
or circle the galaxy

– but I say let’s jump into the void

roll over
to the other side.


Let the mystery teach us

yes, I want to select my lovers
by their capacity to stand the G-force

and take a breath under pressure


flailing your dragon tail around
is one thing

letting someone penetrate what’s underneath it
is another.


Only love wins.


We are the casualties.


And we are also the war itself.





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